VIP 2 ZIP - from Very Important Person to Zero Impact People -
Add value to your green choices!


Save and Gain!

With the App vip2zip, you can both save OIL, reduce CO2 and gain Zipcoins!

You only need to download the free App vip2zip on your smartphone.

Download the app and start measuring the reduction of your environmental impact: you will save oil, reduce CO2 and gain green titles Zipcoins.
  With Zipcoins you can buy green goods and services from green-oriented companies that recognise the economic value of  the quantity of OIL and CO2 you have saved.  

Chose a sustainable means of transport, or buy a green product instead of a more polluting one, not only will you make the world a better place, you also save your money!

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Select green purchases or the green means of transport you are using from the app: your bicycle, electric car, electric taxi, your rollers or the train, they are all good.


The App measures your kms and converts them in barrels of oil saved,
in their value in Euro (based on the value of the barrel),
and in their value in Zipcoins.


Collect the Zipcoins you have earned thanks to your green lifestyle.


Spend your Zipcoins to buy eco-friendly products in the green VIP2ZIP's showcase where you will find only green-oriented companies. Vip2zip's showcase is the new marketplace for sustainable goods and services.


Let's walk or bike to office

...and let's make profit from our sustainable commuting.
Download the app and start measuring the Km you travel everyday. For each Km, you can get the equivalent in Euro equal to the barrel's value on the BRENT* market
Each Km covered is worth 1 ZIPCOIN, and 1 ZIPCOIN is equal to 1 glass of oil saved.

... look at the results ...

  • 10 Total BOE saved every year
    (BOE/ year person)
  • 205 Euros earned in 1 year by saving 10 BOE
  • 820 Euros earned by a family
    (€/ year)
  • 44 Average percentage of discount on cleantech items
    (%) produce energy from renewable sources

Do you have a PV or solar thermal plant? You are producing clean energy. You are preserving the resources for posterity buy green technology or services

Do you buy sustainable goods? A less energy consumer is a value for your town recycle

Do you separate correctly your rubbish? You produce less trash, you are valueble for your town


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