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“VIP2ZIP”, that is to say, from Very Important Person to Zero Impact People, is an Italian  Innovative  start-up with Social Purpose, registered in the special section of the  Italian Business Register.

It is an Energy Service Company, (ESCO), credited to GSE  under its name E. ECO VT srl. The team is made up of part of the energy_expert team, who has been in operation in the energy sector for over a decade (biomass, solar and geothermal facilities, energy efficiency of residences and production activities). “VIP2ZIP”, thanks to the experience acquired, has had the chance to see the economic, safety and environmental benefits associated with the cleantech and renewable energy sources technology both in the residential and industrial sectors.

VIP2ZIP’s team is made up of Architect Francesco Maria Galloppa, Founder and CEO, Lodovica Mutarelli, Head of Communications, Igor Milani, Telecommunications Engineer,

For what is not strategical the team will use the top professionals of the planet.